Illinois DoT Construct Materials Lab

Winter 2023

TKB is finalizing design-build bridging documents for the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) in association with the Illinois Capital Development Board (CDB). Located on 6.5 acres within the IDOT Hanley campus, the 76,500 SF, LEED Silver building will be home to new materials […]

Feb 24, 2023|

Roseland Clinic

The Expansion of Mental Health Services in Chicago

June 6, 2024

On May 30th, 2024, The Chicago Tribune reported Mayor Johnson revealed plans to re-open and expand mental health care […]

Jun 06, 2024|

CDB-Illinois State Armory Building

TKB's most recent work with the Illinois Capital Development Board.

Mar 05, 2024|

IL DOT Construction Materials Lab

In the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Springfield campus, TKB recently developed the requirements for a new design-build project working with the CDB and IDOT input.

The new building will house specialized materials testing laboratories for IDOT along with associated offices. The building will be divided […]

Oct 03, 2023|

TKB 2022 – Year in Review

Winter 2022

During 2022, TKB welcomed six total additions to the architectural and interior design staff and said a fond good-bye to TKB Senior Interior Designer Paula McKendry, who retired in May after 22 years with the firm.  

A headline project […]

Jan 24, 2023|

Winter 2022 – IL State Armory Stabilization Phase Announcement

Over the past two years TKB has been working with the Capital Development Board to restore and renovate the Illinois State Armory, with input from the Illinois Historic Preservation Office.

The comprehensive project, which will be divided into Stabilization and Renovation phases of work, will include a new roof, a restored […]

Dec 30, 2022|

Summer 2022 – Illinois State Armory Renovation

Tilton, Kelly + Bell is currently designing a renovation and restoration for the historic Illinois State Armory building, working for the Illinois Capitol Development Board and Central Management Services.  The Armory is a 1930’s WPA building in Springfield, Illinois, prominently facing the Illinois State Capitol building.  Planning is being coordinated […]

Jul 15, 2022|

Summer 2022 – UIUC Krannert Art Museum

TKB is undertaking renovation of the Andean Gallery and Giertz Education Center at UIUC’s Krannert Art Museum, following the successful remodeling of the East Gallery in 2021.  Construction on the new project is expected in 2023.

In 2021, TKB worked closely with museum staff in designing the revitalization of the museum’s […]

Jul 15, 2022|

Chicago Public Schools Summers 2021-2022

Pre-K Classrooms

Under a new policy creating a universal Pre-K education system in the City of Chicago, the multi-year plan is creating free access to full day schooling for all Chicago children regardless of location or income. Because Pre-K programs have unique classroom requirements, the policy change launched renovations efforts across […]

Jul 07, 2022|

UIUC Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Fall 2021

TKB and its design team completed the building expansion and extensive renovations to the University of Illinois’ Veterinary Teaching Hospital Small Animal Clinic.

Lead by TKB, the design team expanded the hospital’s operating room capacity from 3 to 7, added […]

Sep 10, 2021|

University of Chicago 1155 Building

The University of Chicago selected TKB to complete a renovation feasibility study on a multilevel midcentury academic building located on the campus’ vibrant Midway Plaisance.   The study was targeted on:

  • Addressing internal organization and efficiency
  • Improving the building’s confusing, uninviting entry sequence,
  • Redesigning the building’s dated façade and underutilized courtyard
  • […]

Sep 01, 2021|

August 2021 – UIUC Ceramics Building

TKB completed improvements to the university’s  historic Ceramics Building. The 1915 Renaissance Revival building is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places; an essential element of the work was preserving the building’s historic features while addressing the necessary improvements.

TKB designed renovations to existing toilet rooms to address life safety […]

Aug 13, 2021|

August 2021 – Illinois State Armory Restoration and Renovation

Tilton, Kelly + Bell is currently designing a renovation and restoration for the historic Illinois State Armory building, working for the Illinois Capitol Development Board and with Central Management Services.  The Armory is a 1930’s WPA building in Springfield, Illinois, prominently facing the Illinois State Capitol building.  Planning will be […]

Jul 26, 2021|

June 2021 – Regional Transportation Authority

With TKB as architect, the Regional Transportation Authority consolidated its headquarters in a single 28,000 square foot floor in Chicago. The RTA’s formerly traditional office space standardized on efficient workstations for each employee and takes advantage of the natural light afforded through the building’s interior light court and exterior windows.  […]

Jun 21, 2021|

June 2021 – UIUC Noyes Laboratory of Chemistry First Floor Renovation

Under its retainer contract with the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, TKB converted an existing unused instructional laboratory at the 1902 Noyes Laboratory building into a new general assignment lecture hall complete with current audio-visual technology. This work required decommissioning the former lab with its abandoned gas piping without […]

Jun 14, 2021|

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Education Building – Elevator Upgrades & Restroom Renovation

As part of TKB’s retainer contract with the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, TKB has completed work on UIUC’s Education Building with an elevator upgrade and restroom renovation. TKB’s work first developed a scope of work that fit within the available funds and priorities by working with the project […]

May 27, 2021|

May 2021 – City of Chicago, 2 North LaSalle Office Consolidation

A fast-paced City of Chicago project recently relocated and consolidated City offices in the 2 North LaSalle office building in Chicago.  The project right-sized space for City departments, maximizing functionality and efficiency and maintaining daylight access for all employees. The 220,000 square foot office space, spread over eleven floors, delivers […]

May 15, 2021|

May 2021 – University of Illinois and Urbana Champaign Education Building

Renovation on the University of Illinois’s Education Building on the Urbana Champaign campus bring much-needed updates to building services in a fifty-six-year-old structure.  The project replaced aging elevators and renovated toilet rooms to new accessibility and diversity standards.  TKB’s work first developed a scope of work to fit within the […]

May 15, 2021|

May 2021 – City of Chicago, 2 North LaSalle Office Consolidation

TKB has completed its work on a fast-paced City of Chicago office consolidation project. The project allowed the City of Chicago to right size its space to meet its current and future requirements. The approximately 220,000 square foot office space, spread over eleven floors, includes ample shared meeting spaces, more […]

May 15, 2021|

TKB Newsletter – April 23rd, 2021 – Returning to Work: Redesigning the office Post-Covid

For the past year, remote working has become the “norm” for many, resulting in many major shake ups in how business is conducted. With numerous Covid vaccines now available, the serious questions are ‘how do we return to the workspace safely?’ and ‘what will be different?’. To answer, we must […]

Apr 23, 2021|

Illinois Capital Development Board Announces Design Firm for Rebuild Illinois Funded Renovation of State Armory Building

Tilton, Kelly + Bell is excited to be a part of this exciting new project with the Illinois Capital Development Board!

To read more about it, please visit the Capital Development Board’s website.

Apr 10, 2021|

December 2020 – UIC Outpatient Care Center

TKB delivered design services for the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Outpatient Care Center. Simple in concept, the project involved the replacement of a tile floor which had failed that covered public corridors on all four floors of the building.  TKB studied various replacement materials; UIC decided upon terrazzo, the […]

Dec 27, 2020|

Happy Holidays From TKB!

Happy Holidays from the TKB Team to you and yours!
Dec 20, 2020|

TKB Newsletter – June 22, 2020 – Wayfinding and Signage

COVID-19 has forced companies and individuals everywhere to adapt, creating new procedures and guidelines for everything from wearing a mask to safely navigating a business. Now comes the new challenge of communicating these measures in an easy to understand way. Signage is a simple and effective way to share your […]

Jun 22, 2020|

TKB Newsletter – May 26, 2020 – Movement After COVID

You’ve set safe strategies for returning to work within the office. What about the building as a whole? Most office spaces reside in commercial buildings with shared amenities; and building owners and landlords now face the tremendous task of ensuring the safe use and occupancy of common areas such as […]

May 26, 2020|

TKB Newsletter – May 18, 2020 – The New Normal

As we prepare to reenter the workspace the primary focus is the safety and well being of employees. Across the industry companies have been active to plan, design, and develop solutions on how to make the office a safe space in this new normal. TKB would like to share what […]

May 18, 2020|

TKB Newsletter – May 12, 2020 – Sanitation Solutions – How Do We Disinfect?

With the continual increase in COVID 19 infections, there has been a surge in the need to clean and disinfect our workplaces and homes. This week’s TKB Newsletter aims to provide you with cleaning techniques and introduce innovative products that are in the market to address this issue.


May 12, 2020|

TKB Newsletter -May 6, 2020 – What’s Next? COVID-19 Protocols

As the world gets ready to get back to work, one question lingers in all of our minds, “are we ready?”; the COVID19 pandemic has changed the course of our life in every aspect. Before the pandemic, we would walk around freely with our coffees, enter the office and say […]

May 06, 2020|

TKB COVID-19 Update

As we maneuver a changing world, TKB is committed to success for clients and projects and to the health of our employees and their families.  Thankfully, our work is able to continue within public restrictions; our staff is based  from home and continues to deliver the high quality service you need and expect from […]

Mar 20, 2020|

January 2020 – UIUC Life Home Research Center Completion

This month marks the completion of construction on UIUC’s Life Home: Center on Health, Aging and Disability for the College of Health Sciences at the University of Illinois. The facility offers an interdisciplinary hub for health, aging, and disability research and observation space in a simulated residential setting.


Jan 25, 2020|

January 2020 – UIUC Life Home

This month marks the completion of construction on UIUC’s Life Home: Center on Health, Aging and Disability for the College of Health Sciences at the University of Illinois. The facility offers an interdisciplinary hub for health, aging, and disability research and observation space in a simulated residential setting.

TKB was engaged […]

Jan 15, 2020|

UIUC Veterinary Teaching Hospital Surgical Expansion & Renovation – December 2019 Update

Progress continues on the expansion and renovation at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Veterinary Teaching Hospital,  with the arrival and setting of the precast concrete panels and below slab infrastructure.  The expansion will provide seven (7) operating rooms, (1) interventional radiation (IR) suite, sterile processing and student support spaces.

The […]

Dec 10, 2019|

UIUC Veterinary Teaching Hospital South Clinic Renovation – November 2019 Update

Nearing completion, this project included the renovation of previously unused space on the Veterinary Teaching Hospital campus, creating a stand-alone veterinary clinic to supplement the existing clinical functionality.

The project is scheduled for completion at the end of 2019.

Nov 30, 2019|

August 2019 – Chicago Trading Firm


The initial project scope was a basic “finishes refresh” of the current space for one of TKB’s repeat clients, a Chicago-based trading firm.

After a careful review of the client’s needs and expectations, the project scope grew to include the following additional […]

Aug 20, 2019|

May 2019 – Prosser Career Academy Renovation

As an Architect of Record for the Public Building Commission of Chicago, TKB was enlisted to renovate the 38,000 SF Career Technical Education (CTE) wing of the Prosser Career Academy.  Driven by the need to accommodate expanded career programs, the fast track project will accommodate a broad range of vocational […]

May 01, 2019|

March 2019


The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign prepares to break ground on the TKB-designed Life Home – Research Home and Laboratory Facility, designed to test products and concepts that facilitate independent living for persons with disabilities.

Mar 01, 2019|

January 2019

The City of Chicago unveiled five finalists for the architectural design of a massive $8.5 billion expansion of O’Hare International Airport.  TKB is a member of the Foster Epstein Moreno team vying for selection for the new global terminal replacing Terminal 2.

Jan 15, 2019|

July 2018

TKB completes expansion for long term client in Chicago’s historic Garland Building.

go_thumb June2018

Jul 01, 2018|

January 2018

Construction began on TKB’s design for a long-term client at the Garland Building in Chicago. The project expands their offices onto an additional full floor of the historic building, and includes a central collaboration area and a connecting stair.

Feb 02, 2018|

November 2017 – Veterinary Teaching Hospital

TKB begins work on the Veterinary Teaching Hospital for Small Animals at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign. The work focuses on two primary functional areas, Surgery and Critical Care, and will include a building renovation and an […]

Nov 22, 2017|

October 2017 – Thank You Letters

 width=Michelle Bowman of TKB receives over 100 thank you letters from grateful students at Chicago’s Audubon School.

Oct 06, 2017|

September 2017 – Audubon Ribbon-cutting

Chicago Public School’s Audubon School celebrates the completion of a student-focused landscape design with new site amenities and sustainable features at a ribbon-cutting attended by it students, teachers, and local dignitaries including Mayor Rahm Emmanuel.

Mayor Emmanuel interacts with Audubon students […]

Sep 14, 2017|

September, 2017

cook-county-hospitalTKB is the architect for recently opened new clinics and enhanced pre-surgical areas for Stroger Hospital, Cook County’s major public hospital, increasing utilization by incorporating specialty clinics into previously underused space.  The recent opening of these new clinics allows for the […]

Sep 01, 2017|

Summer 2017 – Aon Scholars Program

maryam-mike-jojoFor the third year in a row, TKB is participating in Harold Washington College’s Aon Scholars Program, which matches outstanding community college students with Chicago firms affiliated with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses.  This summer, TKB welcomed accounting student Maryam Hajipour.  […]

Jun 01, 2017|

December, 2016

In honor of the holiday season, TKB made an employee-directed donation to the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center.    ChicagoCAC is a long term client, for whom TKB has worked on multiple facility renovations and their recent building addition (see link to: PBC/CCAC project).  TKB believes in the ChicagoCAC mission, and […]

Dec 21, 2016|

The Joint Commission – Multi-Phase Headquarters Remodeling Project Complete

4c4a0240rev1TKB recently completed the fourth phase of a four-phase, year-long construction project at The Joint Commission in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois.

The Joint Commission has evolved over the years into a collaborative partner with its member institutions to pioneer […]

Dec 07, 2016|

ALA Design Award of Merit – Public Building Commission Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center

The Association of Licensed Architects (ALA) recently awarded the Public Building Commission Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center Addition the 2016 Design Award of Merit.

As a subconsultant to Holabird & Root, TKB completed the programming, planning, finishes and furniture for the 20,000 SF addition.  TKB was also the prime architect for renovation […]

Oct 01, 2016|

Harper College Educational Foundation Board – Retiring Board Member

MarthaAt the June 7 Harper College Educational Foundation Board meeting, Martha Bell retired from the Harper College Educational Foundation Board of Directors and was honored for her 25 years of service to the College.

Martha joined the Harper College Educational […]

Jul 20, 2016|

Grand Opening – Malcolm X College and School of Health Sciences

go_thumb go2

Malcolm X College held its grand opening, with speakers including Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chancellor Cheryl L. Hyman (pictured). Classes began on January 11, bringing to a close a fast-tracked design and […]

Jan 17, 2016|

Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center – Two Story Addition Project

Together with Holabird & Root, TKB answered a challenging design assignment in creating an addition to the distinctive original building by Stanley Tigerman. A two story addition sited in a narrow strip of land was necessary to meet project requirements, but needed an extra dose of creativity in order to […]

Jan 09, 2016|

CCHHS Prieto Dental Clinic – Expansion Project Complete


TKB recently completed the Dr. Jorge Prieto Health Center dental suite for Cook County Health and Hospital Services (CCHHS). This expanded clinic is one of many updates underway in CCHHS as they respond to the needs of their patients. TKB’s recent […]

Dec 15, 2015|

Office Concepts


A recent Chicago Tribune article addresses new office concepts and what they may mean for future office designs.

Office of the future: It’s all about you..

Nov 11, 2015|

Trading Technologies Chicago Office


TKB’s design for Trading Technologies continues to be featured in the press.

View the article…

Aug 22, 2015|

Returning Member

michelleMichelle Bowman rejoined TKB after completing a master’s program at the University of Wisconsin; she is working toward her architecture license.

Aug 14, 2015|

Welcome a New Team Member


Lisa Farley joined TKB as the office manager. She will be managing the firm’s product library and assisting with proposals. Please join us in welcoming Lisa!

Aug 11, 2015|

American Society of Anesthesiologists


TKB’s building for the American Society of Anesthesiologists Headquarters is named a finalist in the yet-to-be announced Owners’ Choice Award from the Chicago Building Congress. The winner will be announced on May 20, 2015.

May 10, 2015|

Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center


Construction on the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center is now complete and move-in is underway! View construction photos posted by the Public Building Commission of Chicago. See April 2014 news for the groundbreaking of Chicago Children’s Advocacy center.

Mar 21, 2015|

Harper College Keynote Speech

hhIllinois governor Bruce Rauner gives the keynote address at the opening of Harper College – Building H. TKB performed programming and interior architecture roles on the project team.

Jan 16, 2015|

 TKB Welcomes New Team Member

Jessica Lopez began her first practical experience as a student intern at TKB.  After two semesters working in the firm part time, she completed her degree at the University of Illinois in Chicago. By mutual agreement, she stayed on as a full-time employee, working now on corporate offices and higher […]

Oct 05, 2014|

2014 Coolest Offices in Chicago

nvTKB’s latest office design for the software design firm Trading Technologies was selected as one of Chicago’s coolest offices by Crain’s Chicago Business!  Even better, the winners were self-nominated, meaning the Trading Technologies workers themselves think it’s cool. TKB’s relationship with […]

Oct 01, 2014|

The American Society of Anesthesiologists

asaocThe American Society of Anesthesiologists celebrates the completion of their TKB-designed building in the atrium of the new facility.  Their Schaumburg, Illinois headquarters houses the association’s staff, a training and conference center, and the Wood Library – Museum of Anesthesiology.


Aug 11, 2014|

Groundbreaking for Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center

groupTKB participated in the groundbreaking for a new building addition for the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center.  A longtime client, CCAC is a non-profit entity assisting children who have been sexually abused.  It provides coordination and counseling services, housing and linking, various […]

Apr 17, 2014|

New U.S. General Services Administration IDIQ Contract

Maple Ridge Wind Farm

Tilton, Kelly + Bell, LLC was awarded a new office design contract with Region 5 of the United States General Services Administration (GSA). This is one of two contracts for office design/ space planning in the six-state region.  […]

Mar 02, 2014|

TKB Supports Emerging Professionals Through Its Internship Program

In partnership with special programs through the University of Illinois and Harold Washington Colleges, TKB has engaged architecture student Jessica Lopez, now in her senior year at the University of Illinois, and Susana Balcazar, from the City Colleges’ accounting program.  Jessica’s internship was supported through a UIC grant, and Susana’s […]

Feb 02, 2014|

Long Standing Employee Carol Rydlewski Retires

carolCarol Rydlewski retired from TKB after more than 30 years with the firm and its predecessor.  The occasion was marked with a jolly party indulging in speeches, jokes, gifts, and a trophy poem.  Carol’s retirement plans include more travel and more […]

Dec 02, 2013|

TKB Analysis And Recommendation Save Millions


ccsAs a subconsultant  US Equities and Epstein on a team charged with analyzing and making recommendations for all of Cook County’s real estate, TKB completed the benchmarking, analysis, and preliminary recommendations for all of the County’s “corporate” (i.e., office, highway and […]

Nov 05, 2013|

Targeted Renovation To Enhance Palatine Public Library


TKB has partnered again with the Palatine Public Library in a targeted renovation of its main floor popular materials and checkout areas.  The project will add a new digital media lab and expanded children’s literacy area to the library’s offerings.



Apr 29, 2013|

Past Partnerships Lead To Opportunity At Malcolm X College


Based on successful past collaborations, distinguished national architect Moody Nolan is teaming with TKB as associate architect for the new Malcolm X College campus in Chicago, IL. Malcolm X College, the oldest of the City Colleges of Chicago, will expand its medical […]

Apr 22, 2013|

Strategic Planning Helps Cook County Align 18 Million SF Assets 

ccsA team of experts, led by US Equities, is finalizing the extensive Real Estate Asset Strategic Realignment Plan for Cook County, IL. The report and recommendations will serve as a roadmap for the effective utilization, capital planning, and management of the […]

Apr 22, 2013|

TKB Leader Believes in Volunteerism

A long-time volunteer for numerous organizations, Martha Bell, FAIA, LEED AP, once again served as a juror for the Building Design + Construction Awards, for the reconstruction category. Martha’s belief in giving back has also led her to serve as a member of AIA Chicago Bridge 3.0, a leadership and […]

Sep 09, 2012|

University of Illinois +TKB Collaborations Continue with Flexible Research Space Build-Out

uiuctkTKB has been selected for a 17,500-SF build-out of interdisciplinary space to facilitate the College of Engineering’s computer-based research. Comprised of offices and labs, the program calls for collaborative spaces that foster interaction, and are agile enough to allow for mobile […]

Apr 01, 2012|

TKB/Epstein to Design American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Headquarters

asa-hqThoughtful assistance with preliminary site feasibility studies will afford TKB, and partner Epstein, a “hit the ground running” approach for this national society’s new Schaumburg, IL headquarters. The latest addition to TKB’s deep portfolio of work with professional associations, the building […]

Mar 13, 2012|

28th Results of BD+C Annual Reconstruction Awards Are In!

hinmanDubbed “The Hammock” by students, the hanging mezzanine The Hinman Research Building at Georgia Institute of Technology, was created by repurposing a large bridge crane to support a tapered floor structure. “The result is a very open space,” TKB’s Martha Bell, […]

Dec 02, 2011|

TKB Welcomes Newest Team Member


We’d like to introduce you to a shiny new and friendly face around the office, Mrs. Joanna OBrien!

Nov 30, 2011|

Martha Bell Juror in Annual BD+C Awards


For the third year in a row, TKB’s Martha Bell, FAIA is elected judge of the competition of Building Design+Construction Magazine’s annual Reconstruction Awards. The program seeks to find the best renovation / reconstruction projects each year, based on: […]

Aug 26, 2011|

Adam Quigley to Speak at AWI Event


Associate Adam Quigley, AIA to address project management at an Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) event. AWI represents nearly 4,000 members consisting of architectural woodworkers, suppliers, design professionals and students from around the world. Adam will shed light on the […]

Aug 04, 2011|

Harvard Area Community Health Center Funded

TKB provided pro bono design services and construction cost estimates that aided the Community Health Partnership in earning a Federal New Access Point Grant. “Thanks again [to TKB] for your amazing contribution to the success of our proposal. Your beautifully designed clinic, I am sure, was a major factor […]

Jul 17, 2011|

TKB & Moody Nolan To Develop New Building at the University of Illinois


The 60,000 SF state-of-the-art building, to be designed to LEED Gold standard, brings together thirteen academic and RSO units to develop new pedagogical synergies and collaborative spatial models in the new structure. TKB’s value added services group will […]

May 14, 2011|

Martha Bell Featured in ILA Article

reporterThis month the Illinois Library Association’s monthly magazine, ILA Reporter, features TKB’s Martha Bell, FAIA and Susan Strunk of the Palatine Library discussing library renovation projects. The Reporter is the association’s bimonthly publication and forum for […]

Jan 11, 2011|

 27th Annual Reconstruction Awards 

bdraBuilding Design+Construction Magazine’s annual Reconstruction Awards seeks to find the best renovation / reconstruction projects each year, based on: 1) Overall design, engineering, and construction quality 2) How architectural teams solve problems and meet client needs while producing a structure with enhanced social, […]

Nov 10, 2010|

The Architecture Around Us: An Exhibit

exhibitTKB invited by the Northwest Cultural Council to present an exhibit featuring our work in office and educational environments. Join us for the opening reception September 24, 2010, 5-7PM.

Sep 22, 2010|
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