TKB is undertaking renovation of the Andean Gallery and Giertz Education Center at UIUC’s Krannert Art Museum, following the successful remodeling of the East Gallery in 2021.  Construction on the new project is expected in 2023.

In 2021, TKB worked closely with museum staff in designing the revitalization of the museum’s largest gallery space to provide the appropriate lighting and envelope for changing exhibits.  With the assistance of an exhibit designer, temporary partitions were inserted into the gallery to divide and directed visitor circulation through the space, adding 400 linear feet of critical new exhibit space for the museum.

Project execution required careful design of temporary partitions to assure stability.  Robust concealed support systems work within the minimalist gallery aesthetic.  A catwalk and harness system were added to ensure curatorial staff safety when installing suspended displays.  New programmable lighting controls produce balanced spectrum light which can be set for each exhibit and, where desired, for individual pieces within an exhibit.  The East Gallery focus on modern and contemporary art necessitated concealed electrical systems for digital art pieces.

New AC distribution systems provide a carefully controlled environment to preserve artworks and other materials.  An added extension of the existing pre-action fire suppressant system enhances fire safety at minimal risk to the art.