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Jun, 2024

Roseland Clinic

The Expansion of Mental Health Services in Chicago

June 6, 2024

On May 30th, 2024, The Chicago Tribune reported Mayor Johnson revealed plans to re-open and expand mental health care services within the City of Chicago. In recent years, half of the mental health clinics have closed, leaving many citizens without access to this resource. The re-opening of Roseland clinic will have a positive impact on many, as Tilton, Kelly + Bell designed it.

With expert input from City and County mental health professionals, Tilton, Kelly + Bell architects redesigned Roseland Clinic in 2016 to serve at-risk members of the community who battle behavioral and mental health issues. The treatment spaces offer a wide range of security and safety precautions within the community, allowing de-escalation of crisis situations that might otherwise end in unnecessary incarceration or inadequate and expensive emergency room care.  

Mar, 2024

CDB-Illinois State Armory Building

Oct, 2023

IL DOT Construction Materials Lab

In the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Springfield campus, TKB recently developed the requirements for a new design-build project working with the CDB and IDOT input.

The new building will house specialized materials testing laboratories for IDOT along with associated offices. The building will be divided into the state materials testing headquarters, and a district location with independent functionality.  Proximity of offices to laboratories by employee responsibilities is an important intention for the project. Daylight is critical to some of the laboratories, and all of them require high bay clearance and careful material moving capabilities.

Detailed project requirements are captured in bridging documents completed by the TKB project team and approved by IDOT and the CDB.   The CDB is now using these bridging documents as the project basis as they interview potential design-build teams; TKB has assisted with the interviewing effort. TKB will continue to work with the CDB and IDOT as the project design and construction progress, providing oversight to assure compliance with the bridging documents.

Feb, 2023

Illinois DoT Construct Materials Lab

Winter 2023

TKB is finalizing design-build bridging documents for the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) in association with the Illinois Capital Development Board (CDB). Located on 6.5 acres within the IDOT Hanley campus, the 76,500 SF, LEED Silver building will be home to new materials laboratories, shipping, receiving and materials storage, training centers, library, and associated technical and administrative offices for 120 personnel from Central Bureau of Materials, Bureau of Programming, Bureau of Research and District 6. Laboratory functions will relate to testing of construction materials associated with roadways and technical labs for Traffic Instrumentation, Metals & Miscellaneous Products, Nuclear Diagnostics and Materials Chemistry.

Throughout the process, TKB’s team has worked closely with IDOT and CDB to identify comprehensive facility needs and requirements.  Data will be assembled into the bridging documents including design criteria, LEED criteria, detailed design narratives, facility program, detailed room data sheets, spatial adjacencies, equipment requirements, and conceptual designs that will serve as the design-build team’s basis for the design and construction of the final project. 

Jan, 2023

TKB 2022 – Year in Review

Winter 2022

During 2022, TKB welcomed six total additions to the architectural and interior design staff and said a fond good-bye to TKB Senior Interior Designer Paula McKendry, who retired in May after 22 years with the firm.  

A headline project for the year was TKB’s design for the Illinois Capitol Development Board’s multi-phase renovation of the Illinois State Armory. Construction will include literally raising the roof on the vintage building to modify it from its original purpose to create more than 200,000 SF of office space. TKB closed out the year with the first, stabilization phase of the project awarded to Williams Brothers Construction.  Stabilization work at the historic building will begin during the new year. Meanwhile, the TKB team continues to develop plans to preserve and highlight the 1930’s historic features for the 800 State employees who will call the Armory home when renovations are complete.

In other work, the TKB team began the Capitol Development Board and the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Bridging Documents for a new building to consolidate office and labs for IDOT’s Construct Materials Lab in Springfield, Illinois. The TKB team has worked diligently to program and document facility needs.  In addition to administrative offices, the focus is on laboratory processes requiring specialized testing environments.   Flow of materials, workflow and spatial adjacencies were overlaid to create conceptual diagrams, address individual laboratory technical needs, and develop scope specifications for the future Design-Build team.

For the Chicago Public School District, the TKB team continued its long-time retainer work at six local schools, including four Pre-K classroom renovations and two re-roofing projects. 

TKB also provided continued design services for the GSA across the six-state Region 5, including a feasibility study incorporating long term planning and analysis of space use to support changes in employee work patterns for the federal Railroad Retirement Board headquartered in Chicago. The study results, combined with real estate and cost information provided by the GSA, will be sent to Congress as a portion of Railroad Retirement Board’s funding request to consolidate space use.

Building on its healthcare experience, TKB advised Harvard, Illinois’ Community Health Partnership in the expansion of an existing not-for-profit clinic.  The project was the beneficiary of multiple grants, one of which funded the creation of an isolation room with separate entry and mechanical isolation to treat patients with highly communicable illnesses.

At the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, TKB continued to close out projects from its initial four-year retainer contract with the University.  Projects included renovations in the Psychology Laboratory building and a Feasibility Study for the Ethnic, Women and Gender Studies departments at the University. The new year will begin the second retainer contract with UIUC; the first task orders under the new contract will be the renovation of the Andean Gallery and a Feasibility Study for Student Success Inclusion and Belonging, documenting future needs for three new buildings, and considering the entire University neighborhood where these buildings will be sited.

In the corporate world, TKB maintains its excellence in office design strategies, and is advising two clients of more than twenty years standing on their facility approaches to new employee work patterns.  Analysis from the public sector and knowledge from the corporate world inform each other in TKB’s knowledge base and analysis.

The TKB team continues to grow, with strong project skills and increased diversity to more than 50% minority staff while maintaining over 50% female staff.  Tilton, Kelly + Bell approaches 2023 with enthusiasm and engagement in the changing world.

Dec, 2022

Winter 2022 – IL State Armory Stabilization Phase Announcement

Over the past two years TKB has been working with the Capital Development Board to restore and renovate the Illinois State Armory, with input from the Illinois Historic Preservation Office.

The comprehensive project, which will be divided into Stabilization and Renovation phases of work, will include a new roof, a restored limestone façade, and interior and exterior accessibility modifications. Comprehensive code and condition updates to the architecture and MEP systems will allow for flexible, functional, and aesthetically pleasing office space to meet current and future State of Illinois needs.  The building is adjacent to the Illinois Capitol Building; the project was defined during the State’s comprehensive planning for the Capitol campus.

Stabilization of the Illinois State Armory has been awarded to Williams Brothers Construction and will begin in Q1 2023; they will provide abatement services to prepare the building for the Renovation Phase of the project. Additionally, Williams Brothers will complete exterior renovations including masonry restoration, exterior accessibility modifications, and new windows.

Once complete, the comprehensive renovation of the Illinois State Armory will provide 200,000 square feet of office space to the Capitol complex, reclaiming a historic building to functional use. The Tilton, Kelly + Bell design team continues to develop plans to highlight the historic features of the Armory for the building’s planned 800 state employees.

placed the existing standing seam metal roof panels and replaced the current louver systems to create a more weather resistant enclosure.  TKB also upgraded the lightning protection system by increasing the number of collection points, which will help dissipate electrical currents down and away from the building.

Jul, 2022

Summer 2022 – Illinois State Armory Renovation

Tilton, Kelly + Bell is currently designing a renovation and restoration for the historic Illinois State Armory building, working for the Illinois Capitol Development Board and Central Management Services.  The Armory is a 1930’s WPA building in Springfield, Illinois, prominently facing the Illinois State Capitol building.  Planning is being coordinated with the Capital Complex Master Plan, concurrently under development.   The State Historical Preservation Office is reviewing preservation efforts.

The project work includes a new roof, new skylights, a restored limestone façade, interior and exterior accessibility modifications, and a new circulation pattern and core location.  Comprehensive code and condition updates are required to the architecture and MEP systems throughout, with the goal of providing flexible, functional, and aesthetically pleasing office space to meet current and future needs.

Vacant for approximately ten years, the Armory presents a deteriorated condition, with considerable water damage from the roof affecting both the interior and the façade and outdated systems and condition throughout. The multi-story drill hall, a historic feature of the building, will be partially restored to preserve a dramatic core for the building’s planned 800 state workers.  The remainder of the drill hall will be incorporated into office space connecting two independent office stacks, increasing office space from 90,000 square feet to 96,000 square feet.  The modifications will increase efficiency per state guidelines and provide much-needed office space in the Capitol complex.

Summer 2022 – UIUC Krannert Art Museum

TKB is undertaking renovation of the Andean Gallery and Giertz Education Center at UIUC’s Krannert Art Museum, following the successful remodeling of the East Gallery in 2021.  Construction on the new project is expected in 2023.

In 2021, TKB worked closely with museum staff in designing the revitalization of the museum’s largest gallery space to provide the appropriate lighting and envelope for changing exhibits.  With the assistance of an exhibit designer, temporary partitions were inserted into the gallery to divide and directed visitor circulation through the space, adding 400 linear feet of critical new exhibit space for the museum.

Project execution required careful design of temporary partitions to assure stability.  Robust concealed support systems work within the minimalist gallery aesthetic.  A catwalk and harness system were added to ensure curatorial staff safety when installing suspended displays.  New programmable lighting controls produce balanced spectrum light which can be set for each exhibit and, where desired, for individual pieces within an exhibit.  The East Gallery focus on modern and contemporary art necessitated concealed electrical systems for digital art pieces.

New AC distribution systems provide a carefully controlled environment to preserve artworks and other materials.  An added extension of the existing pre-action fire suppressant system enhances fire safety at minimal risk to the art.

Chicago Public Schools Summers 2021-2022

Pre-K Classrooms

Under a new policy creating a universal Pre-K education system in the City of Chicago, the multi-year plan is creating free access to full day schooling for all Chicago children regardless of location or income. Because Pre-K programs have unique classroom requirements, the policy change launched renovations efforts across Chicago schools.  In the Summer of 2021 and currently in the Summer of 2022, TKB is updating classroom to Pre-K standards in a total of twelve schools. The scope of the work included refreshing and renovating rooms to meet Pre-K children’s needs by adjusting toilet rooms, counters and drinking fountains to a Pre-K height.  New finishes and the necessary accessibility updates complete the work.

Additionally, the TKB team partnered with the Chicago Public Schools to complete classroom renovations at 4 local elementary schools.  The work consisted of interior classroom renovations including new finishes and minor exterior site improvements.

Interior Classroom Renovations

In the Summer of 2021, TKB completed renovations at four elementary schools.  The changes comprised interior updates, new finishes, and minor exterior site improvements.  Like all CPS summer projects, the work was time sensitive, requiring completion before the new school term began.  TKB, CPS, and the contractor all had a role in accomplishing beneficial use of the space before school began last fall.

Roof Projects

For the Summer of 2022, TKB is undertaking full replacement of two school roofs, along with related work constituting limited exterior renovations and, at one of the school, full renovation of first floor toilet rooms to provide accessibility.  Completion is expected by summer’s end.

Sep, 2021

UIUC Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Fall 2021

TKB and its design team completed the building expansion and extensive renovations to the University of Illinois’ Veterinary Teaching Hospital Small Animal Clinic.

Lead by TKB, the design team expanded the hospital’s operating room capacity from 3 to 7, added an interventional radiation suite, added a step-down unit, and expanded critical care capability for both ICU and emergency services.

The existing building’s strong cruciform shape and canted exposed aggregate walls required creativity to blend the surgical expansion wing, ventilation, and space requirements with the 60’s era building. The new surgical wing provides both direct and indirect observational capabilities to students and teaching staff through AV infrastructure and viewing windows. The space vacated by the surgical program allowed an expansion for surgical intake to support pre- and post-op program requirements, and the expansion and reorganization of both the emergency department and critical care unit.

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