TKB completed improvements to the university’s  historic Ceramics Building. The 1915 Renaissance Revival building is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places; an essential element of the work was preserving the building’s historic features while addressing the necessary improvements.

TKB designed renovations to existing toilet rooms to address life safety updates, and deficits related to accessibility, finishes, lighting, and plumbing. The team added all-gender toilet rooms and increased fixture counts to meet current plumbing codes. The work required the reconfiguration of existing toilet rooms and the addition of adjacent space to meet expanded requirements. TKB selected finishes to be historically compatible and durable.

Original design elements were preserved in public corridors whenever possible and renovated rooms maintained a historically sympathetic approach. The project preserved vintage millwork frames and doors, matching duplicating them where new work was necessary.  New terrazzo in affected public areas matched the original to maintain continuity throughout the historic building.