The University of Chicago selected TKB to complete a renovation feasibility study on a multilevel midcentury academic building located on the campus’ vibrant Midway Plaisance.   The study was targeted on:

  • Addressing internal organization and efficiency
  • Improving the building’s confusing, uninviting entry sequence,
  • Redesigning the building’s dated façade and underutilized courtyard
  • Recommending improvements to infrastructure and energy efficiency

In the final feasibility study and phased implementation of the interior renovation, , TKB addressed the internal organization and efficiency of the building’s interior spaces. TKB identified overlapping constituencies of academic and community outreach entities, reinforcing existing synergies through the interior redesign. This leveraged the unique 1155 Building characteristics and accommodates both research and instructional activities. Solutions addressed varying group sizes, desired adjacencies, growth potential of the evolving programs, while conserving usable space for future units.

The TKB team’s overall design of the building entry, courtyard and façade took an outside-in approach in developing solutions for the building façade and entry sequence, which will be completed in a future phase of work. Once implemented, the design will enhance the user experience and exterior aesthetics of the aging building.  A new, all-glass lobby and arcade will replace the original austere entrance to warmly welcome visitors. This future exterior modification will give the building appropriate prominence among its architecturally distinguished neighboring buildings.