Pre-K Classrooms

Under a new policy creating a universal Pre-K education system in the City of Chicago, the multi-year plan is creating free access to full day schooling for all Chicago children regardless of location or income. Because Pre-K programs have unique classroom requirements, the policy change launched renovations efforts across Chicago schools.  In the Summer of 2021 and currently in the Summer of 2022, TKB is updating classroom to Pre-K standards in a total of twelve schools. The scope of the work included refreshing and renovating rooms to meet Pre-K children’s needs by adjusting toilet rooms, counters and drinking fountains to a Pre-K height.  New finishes and the necessary accessibility updates complete the work.

Additionally, the TKB team partnered with the Chicago Public Schools to complete classroom renovations at 4 local elementary schools.  The work consisted of interior classroom renovations including new finishes and minor exterior site improvements.

Interior Classroom Renovations

In the Summer of 2021, TKB completed renovations at four elementary schools.  The changes comprised interior updates, new finishes, and minor exterior site improvements.  Like all CPS summer projects, the work was time sensitive, requiring completion before the new school term began.  TKB, CPS, and the contractor all had a role in accomplishing beneficial use of the space before school began last fall.

Roof Projects

For the Summer of 2022, TKB is undertaking full replacement of two school roofs, along with related work constituting limited exterior renovations and, at one of the school, full renovation of first floor toilet rooms to provide accessibility.  Completion is expected by summer’s end.