Jun, 2024

Roseland Clinic

The Expansion of Mental Health Services in Chicago

June 6, 2024


On May 30th, 2024, The Chicago Tribune reported Mayor Johnson revealed plans to re-open and expand mental health care services within the City of Chicago. In recent years, half of the mental health clinics have closed, leaving many citizens without access to this resource. The re-opening of Roseland clinic will have a positive impact on many, as Tilton, Kelly + Bell designed it.

With expert input from City and County mental health professionals, Tilton, Kelly + Bell architects redesigned Roseland Clinic in 2016 to serve at-risk members of the community who battle behavioral and mental health issues. The treatment spaces offer a wide range of security and safety precautions within the community, allowing de-escalation of crisis situations that might otherwise end in unnecessary incarceration or inadequate and expensive emergency room care.  

Mar, 2024

CDB-Illinois State Armory Building

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