Project Description

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Noyes Laboratory of Chemistry

URBANA, ILLINOIS US | 8,134 SF   As part of a multi-year retainer contract with the University, TKB’s services included planning and design services for a partial first floor remodeling of the Noyes Laboratory of Chemistry. The central focus was to convert an existing unused instructional wet laboratory into a new general assignment lecture hall. Decommissioning of the former lab and its abandoned gas piping was complicated by the location above an existing, high-profile research lab; the off-hours work had to be carefully coordinated and performed so not to interrupt service to or disrupt ongoing experiments. The change of use from lab to lecture hall necessitated the conversion of an adjacent faculty office into an equipment room for a new air handling unit. New lighting and audio-visual equipment were integrated to maintain the general historical character of the vintage building. In addition to the new lecture hall, corridors, and stairs in one half of the building were renovated to restore terrazzo floors, stair treads, borders, and base; provide new ceilings and lighting; restore doors and millwork trim; and install sprinklers in corridors, two classrooms and two lecture halls. Historically accurate replacement windows were also installed in corridors and designated classrooms. All work was carefully executed to coordinate with the academic calendar. Work is now complete, and the lecture hall is in high demand.