Project Description

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Krannert Art Museum East Gallery Renovations



TKB recently worked with the Krannert Art Museum to revitalize the museum’s largest gallery to display both traditional two-dimensional art and large multi-media work. Robust and concealed support systems were designed for ceiling and walls within a minimalist environment consistent with previously renovated galleries.

Flexible lighting and power distribution are positioned for the display of projected, illuminated, and motorized works. New lighting produces a balanced spectrum of light to optimize viewing and preserve materials; new programmable controls allow appropriate light levels to be set for each exhibit and each piece in the exhibit. A substantial grant from the Student Sustainability Committee helped fund the new lighting.

Meticulous detailing creates a continuous, ultra-flat, evenly lit floating display surface enhancing displays. Behind the scenes, new air conditioning distribution provides a carefully controlled environment to preserve displayed materials; extension of an existing pre-action system into the gallery enhances life safety at minimal risk to the art.

TKB is now working to create a new Andean gallery and address humidity control and life-safety issues throughout the museum’s Kinkead Pavilion.